Bring your employees to Norway

If your enterprise chooses to bring its own employees to complete the contract, these employees are defined as posted workers. A separate regulation applies to such workers. These provisions are intended to ensure that workers have certain minimum rights across international borders, and include provisions on working hours and minimum wage in certain industries.

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Social security for posted workers

Posted workers from countries with which Norway has a bilateral agreement on social security will be exempt from paying social security contributions to Norway. They will continue to pay social insurance contributions to the country from which they have been posted.

Thus, they are not entitled to a Norwegian pension, but continue to earn pension benefits’ in their home country.

You must contact the authorities in your home country to find out whether there is a bilateral agreement on social security with Norway, and whether you meet the conditions to remain covered by the social security system in your home country. This must be documented to NAV (contact information) in Norway. You will then avoid having an interruption in social security contributions in your home country. 

Registration in the State Register of Employers and Employees

The State Register of Employers and Employees (Aa Register) is a register that records the relationship between employers and employees and is used among others by NAV and the Norwegian Tax Administration. If you have employees who do not live in or pay tax to Norway, you must notify the Tax Administration.