Paying tax in Norway

The Norwegian tax system is based on everyone paying tax according to their ability to pay so that the tax burden is perceived as fair. In general, foreign workers living in Norway must pay taxes to Norway.

Tax deduction card for foreign workers

When you work in Norway you need a tax card. Your Norwegian personal identification number will be stated on the card.

Tax returns and tax assessments

At the end of March, beginning of April, you will be sent a summary of your income, assets and debt last year. This is called a tax return. You must check that the information in your tax return is correct so that you do not pay too much or too little tax. Checking your tax return.

Once your tax return has been processed you will receive a tax assessment. This states your income on which tax was calculated and if you owe tax or you will get a tax refund. If your employer is Norwegian you will usually receive your tax assessment in June. If you have a foreign employer, you will receive your tax assessment in October.