!Corona and travel quarantine

As a foreign worker in Norway you are responsible for preventing the spread of Covid-19.

  1. For you to enter Norway, you are required to fill in the travelling registration form before your departure.
  2. You need to bring verification that your COVID-19 test was negative. This test must be taken within 24 hours before arrival.
  3. You are obligated to take the COVID-19 test at the border crossing into Norway. 
  4. You must remain in quarantine for 10 full days upon arrival. 
  5. If you have been to the UK, South Africa, Ireland, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal and Brazil you must undergo a PCR test at the Norwegian border. 
  6. https://www.regjeringen.no/en/aktuelt/stricter-rules-for-testing-and-quarantine-upon-arrival-to-stop-coronavirus-mutation/id2829774/

Link to more information:  https://www.helsenorge.no/corona-en

?The service centre will help you

At the Service Centre for Foreign Workers you may register with the police and apply for a tax deduction card, obtain a national ID number and get information on rights and obligations as an employee in Norway.